Aedin Demavend III

Evoker with Sharingan and son of the Emperor of Aedernia


Born in Aedernia, Aedin’s father wanted a legacy and a powerful son. Eventually he pit his son’s against each other with a prize: the winner goes to Aedernia’s Mage Academy – the best Mage’s academy in the known world. Aedin won, but the price of his victory was killing his three brothers. He spent the next 20 years focusing on the art of evocation. During that time he kept a close relationship with some of the elite students there and his sister, Amelia. He learned some from his grandfather, the greatest conjurer in recent history, and after graduating from his father, Emperor Valus Demavend a powerful wizard in his own right, ordered him to do some work as a spy for Aedernia to begin the process of increasing the territory of Aedernia, the expansion never happened. However, Aedin did spend the next 40 years exploring the continent and Eastwind’s continent. After reporting to his father, Aedin spent some more years training in his abilities. After Aedin’s 80th birthday his father and grandfather were called upon for the sealing of Rin, Xerion, and Reiner. He never learned anymore than they were called for some purpose of worldly importance. Ten years later Aedin’s grandfather died from an unexpected and incurable disease, the loss impacted him hard enough that after the funeral Aedin wrote a letter for his sister telling her he was running away and if he could he would return, but he needed to escape his father’s totalitarian grasp and explore the world. By then she was already one of the best teachers at the academy being his senior by 45 years and had escaped that same grasp. After 6 years of exploring the world, he ended up dying at the hands of an ambush, fortunately his assailants had no interest in his spell books and spell components – not that they would have found all of them – and spent a week in Purgatorium (6 seconds in real life) before he was yanked back by a healer that with the help of an escort chased off Aedin’s killers. From there he went to Eastwind and met the party for the first time.

Dead again. The image of the furious Avalon with his hellfire spitting eye had burned into Aedin’s memory. His work wasn’t done yet, he had to return to the living world. Fortunately, with an unclaimed soul like his, he was still in Purgatorium (the plane between planes). He spent 4 years there, the first two were spent figuring out how to survive here and gaining friends that he had some responsibility for. The third year he spent learning how to return to the world of the living. The last one was actually implementing the return, in which he promised to prevent the merge of the planes that would most likely slaughter all of his friends and so many other planar beings of importance.

Aedin Demavend III

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